Immigration into UK

A HUGE surge in migration has caused the number of foreigners living in the UK to almost double to 7.5 million in just 10 years.

The massive leap revealed in the latest Census means that 13 per cent – around one in eight – of the population in England and Wales were born overseas, up from 4.6 million in 2001.

In London the figures are even more dramatic – with white Britons in the minority for the first time.

Only 45 per cent of the city’s 8.2 million population classed itself as white British on the 2011 Census forms compared with 58 per cent a decade ago. One in three London residents is a foreigner and one in four is not a British citizen.

Other data which shows the effect of Labour’s years of open-door migration policies include the statistic that nearly three million people live in households where no adults speak English as their main language.

The total population of England and Wales was 56.1 million, a seven per cent increase on 2001 – and 55 per cent of the increase was due

to migration. In other key results, the number of Christians fell 4.1 million to 33.2 million while the number of Muslims went up almost 2 per cent to 4.8 per cent of the population.

And the top countries of birth outside Britain were India, Pakistan – and Poland.

Critics of immigration claim that the Census data confirms that Labour’s wilful destruction of border controls has changed the face of Britain.

And they warn that the current Coalition is still not doing enough to stem the tide and protect public services from being overstretched as schools, housing and hospitals come under pressure from increasing numbers of immigrants.


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