Spy software.

Gamma International, the owner of the FinFisher suite of products, which some believe was sold to repressive regimes and other government agencies to spy on citizens, has been hacked.

British firm Gamma International confirmed one of its servers had been compromised, saying the information that was stolen has been used to identify the software it had used in demos for customers. The software in question is the FinSpy tool, which has been described as a Trojan used to intercept communications and acquire data.

The hacked server has now been shut down as the company investigates what happened.

“Gamma International has had information relating to its sales demonstration server stolen from it. The time, date and the method at the moment are unknown. Gamma are looking into how this might have happened,” Martin J Muench, managing director of the firm, told TechWeekEurope.

“The information stolen from Gamma relates to the public server that Gamma International uses for its sales demonstrations to potential clients.

“It’s a nuisance but not a real problem. Gamma have rewritten the new demonstration programmes [sic]. None of our clients have been affected.”

The company said its actual products are encrypted and contain “a wider range of functionality, a more advanced rootkit” and are not as simple for hackers to locate as the demonstration software.

Gamma has been heavily criticised by privacy and human rights groups. Last month, the Andover-based firm was implicated in selling spying kit to the Bahraini government, allegedly for intercepting communications of pro-democracy activists. It was previously claimed that the company sold its FinFisher kit, which includes FinSpy, to repressive regimes, including the now-fallen Hosni Mubarak government of Egypt.

Muench said he could not comment on who the company’s customers were or where they came from.


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