The corrupt small claims system in the UK.

If you are a small fish and can’t afford a Solicitor then it is near impossible to get justice in the UK using the small claims system. In my case I was trying to take my Service charge company to court for not providing the services that I am paying for. Their solicitor argued that this company was only a trading name and has had the case thrown out of court – now I am facing up to £1,300 legal fees which they say have been incurred.

All I wanted was for my Service charge company to decorate the external parts of the estate as they should be doing. I even have a letter from them saying they are responsible for this.

I suspect that Solicitors pay the Judges back handers to win cases yet this would be hard to prove.

Solicitors are like leeches , lovers of Mammon they encourage couples to fight as they know they can make more money from divorce etc. An average person who is unemployed can’t afford a solicitor and you can’t get Legal Aid in the UK for small claims cases.

The only people who seem to get legal aid are rich terrorists like Abu Hamza and Abu Qatata who live in expensive homes paid by the taxpayer.

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