The corrupt E.U

BRUSSELS bureaucrats wasted billions of pounds through fraud and blunders last year, the EU’s own auditors revealed last night.

Official EU spending watchdogs raised questions over a colossal £89billion of spending during 2011. And for the 18th year in a row, they refused to sign off the EU’s annual accounts.

The damning verdict brought new fury at the soaring EU budget and added to the pressure on David Cameron to block a further massive hike.

He faces tense talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today over the rising bill for Brussels ahead of a crunch summit on the issue later this month.

In yesterday’s report, the European Court of Auditors admitted there were “too many cases of EU money not hitting the target or being used sub-optimally”.

Confirming that the level of fraud and blunder was getting worse, the report said that the “error rate” in EU spending rose to 3.9 per cent last year from 3.7 per cent in 2010. In environmental schemes, fisheries and rural development, the error rate hit 7.7 per cent.


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