Imprisoned for political beliefs

Fellow patriot,

A big thanks to all those concerned patriots who complained to the High Sheriff of London demanding EDL leader Tommy Robinson be removed from the dangerous conditions in which he was being held.

Thankfully, our campaign has been successful, as they have moved Mr Robinson from the wing in question….THANK YOU to all those who took part in our campaign!

Now we have another issue.

Although now much safer, Mr Robinson has been denied his basic rights while being held.

We ask you to once again get involved in this campaign to ensure his basic human rights while being held on remand.

Remember: Tommy has been convicted of NOTHING and as an innocent man should be afforded basic rights to maintain his dignity while in jail.

Mr Robinson, leader of the anti-Sharia English Defence League (EDL), is being treated differently as a result of his political profile.

Following a complaints drive organised by Britain First he was moved from a dangerous part of Wandsworth Prison.

However, it now appears that he is being denied his basic rights for politically motivated reasons.

We have received the following information from a reliable source concerning Tommy’s present circumstances:

Britain First1. He is still in the same clothes he went to prison in. They are refusing to allow him clean/ fresh clothes – family members took clothing in but they would not allow it to be handed over.

2. He has received no mail or money from anyone and he knows his wife gave in a postal order for a large amount whilst visiting.

3. He is being refused all privileges.

4. With no money he cannot purchase razors, food etc. and is having to eat the slops provided.

5. He was arrested with £90 but at the prison when asking for his money he was told he didn’t have any. Where has this £90 gone?

We urge all concerned members and supporters to write to their MP seeking assurances that Tommy is being allowed his basic entitlements, especially mail which allows him to keep in contact with the outside world.

It is important that British patriots keep up the pressure on the British state to treat Tommy with fairness and respect.

Please click below to email your MP using our special system:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

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