Immigration is not good for the UK.

Theresa May recently made ambiguous references regarding the renegotiation of EU nationals’ free movement. She was also concerned that restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians will be lifted after December 2013. Her comments worried the A2 nationals, who are subject to a seven year transitional measure before gaining full access to the UK labour market. Numerous articles and reactions that subsequently appeared in the Romanian and Bulgarian press, online forums and discussion groups speculated the meaning of the Minister’s declarations.

Suggestions regarding further barriers to immigration within the EU could be just populist attempts to show to voters that the Conservatives are still “tough on immigration”. After all, similar threats targeting Greek nationals were made earlier in May. The Conservative Party – which struggles in the polls behind Labour – might just have wanted to divert attention from other failed promises. For example, the periodically-released immigration data show that the net migration target is hardly reachable. The UK Ambassador to Romania clarified that restrictions will be lifted starting January 2014.

The facts remain the same the UK is over populated with over crowded schools, roads and water shortages. Immigrants don’t benefit the UK they lower wages for most British people who are lucky enough to get work that can pay the mortgage. Most immigrants head for London and have to be supported on Housing Benefit etc. We have seen a vast increase in gang related crime as immigration has increased.

How will we pay for immigrants when they get old? It will be the death of our NHS.

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