Dear fellow patriot,

I want to tell you about a burning issue that I feel passionate and angry about.

I’m determined to fight against Muslim grooming gangs and warn and protect young vulnerable children. This is an issue we all need to take action on.

Our supurb and hard-hitting leaflet produced by the YBNP and our publicity team is featured for your viewing and download here.

We’re now giving out to young girls wherever they are at risk from vile sexual crimes.

Picture for a moment what some of the victims have been forced to endure, because then you will know just how vital this campaign really is.

If our work can prevent one crime, save one child or jail one of these rapists it will be worthwhile.

Our leaflet is written for the teenage girls who are the target of these sexual predators.

It will be controversial because the Powers That Be don’t want us to raise the alarm and speak direct to youngsters.

Imagine the shockwaves when this powerful campaign hits, if the media whine it will simply magnify our message a thousand-fold!

Only a couple of weeks ago, millions of The Sun readers – Britain’s biggest circulation newspaper – read “the BNP was right” about Muslim grooming gangs.

These new leaflets will reinforce that message and HELP TO PROTECT VUNERABLE CHILDREN!

We can only mount high-impact campaigns of this quality because of your support and generosity.

Your dedicated support has also allowed us to produce the Grooming Public Inquiry Now placards that are making our demonstrations so effective, powerful petitions, eye-catching skirts for tabletop stalls and hard-hitting new skins for our big and mini Truth Trucks. 

Our front line activists are equipped to get out there and “do the business”… helping the victims of grooming gangs who would otherwise have no-one fighting for them.

I was out with our team in Burnley on the first day of our new campaign.

I was humbled by the response we got, with people literally queuing up to sign our petition.

What really shocked me was when no fewer than five different women and girls approached me alleging direct experience of Muslim grooming.

All told the same shocking story and all had been ignored or bullied by the police and social services in an attempt to brush it all under the carpet.

Only a few years ago people either didn’t know about grooming or were too scared to talk about it.

But now because of OUR work everyone knows what is going on, and more and more people are ready to stand up, speak out and take action.

Despite all the indoctrination and intimidation, the public response to the high profile court cases against grooming gangs in Rochdale, Telford and Rotherham is not “good, now what’s on TV tonight” but “good, but now what about action and justice in our town?” Truly, the genie is out of the bottle.

Establishment wants to cover up the shocking truth

It was the BBC and West Yorkshire police boss Colin Cramphorn who conspired to try to jail me for speaking out about the grooming scandal back in 2004.

It was the BBC and West Yorkshire police who led the push to censor our Party Political Broadcast about the plight of grooming victims in Keighley in 2005. 

It is the BBC and police who have done so much to stifle criticism of Islam and
leave a generation of potential victims ignorant of the dangers and at the mercy of the followers of a religion that institutionalises sexual predation and racist violence against our community. 

The revealations surrounding Jimmy Savile involving the NHS, Police, BBC and senior police officers means people now understand just how corrupt key institutions have become.

These institutions failed to deal with the scandal of serial sexual abuse of young girls by celebrity perverts just as they failed to deal with abuse from Muslim perverts.

It all means that the entire Establishment is now tarnished with the ‘soft on paedophiles’ brush.

And there is now a real possibility that it could spill out even further.

In 1996 a paedophile scandal in Belgium that began with what appeared to be a lone predator ended up engulfing the entire Establishment and brought down the Belgian government. 

It is still only a possibility that the paedophile scandal could spread to Westminster.

But the facts of the Muslim grooming scandal and the pathetic Establishment response to it have already vindicated us in the eyes of millions.

The old phrase ‘Enoch Powell was right’ is now being replaced with ‘the BNP are right’. Our moment of opportunity is coming!

That is why we must redouble our efforts to ‘own’ this issue and to warn and protect more potential victims.

We must continue to push the most important thing – protecting vulnerable girls and breaking through the media blackout to remind millions that we were the first to warn, that this is our issue, that we haven’t gone away and that we’re leading the fight back.

We can make the difference

I’ve sent you the brilliant YBNP leaflet to show you what we’re capable of these days.

Now I need your help to get more into hands of the youngsters who need it so badly. Each leaflet can save a young life.

Not just any lives, but the most important lives on the Planet – the next generation of our young white roses – the children on whom the continuation of our kind must rest. 

Please take a moment to picture one of those girls. Your daughter? Granddaughter? Your little niece? Or the child who lives just down your street.

Think of the fate to which State-enforced ignorance of the dangers could condemn her.

What is it worth to save that child from that fate? What can you give today?

If you are an activist, I ask only that you contact your organiser and join the local campaign to get these leaflets into the hands of young girls and mums in your area. 

If not, then I’m asking you to help ensure that we keep the pressure on the corrupt Establishment.

Together, we’ve forced the Powers That Be to acknowledge these truths, but if we slacken now we risk letting them off the hook.

WE cannot afford to rest on our laurels. 

We need to go back on the offensive. The time is ripe.

I know from the response on the streets of Burnley and from reports from all over the country that more people than ever are ready for our message.

The question is, can we afford to take it to them? As we stand right now, the answer is ‘no!’


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