Kevin Carroll is standing as the British Freedom candidate

Kevin Carroll is standing as the British Freedom candidate for Bedfordshire in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on 15th November 2012.

The video below shows Kevin on the campaign trail in his home town of Luton, listening to local people’s concerns about policing and crime in the county and spelling out his hard-hitting plans for tackling violence, extremism and anti-social behaviour and for championing victims of crime.

 Campaign Video

Click here to learn more about Kevin Carroll – enemy of criminals, troublemakers and political correctness, champion of fairness, decency and good old-fashioned policing.

Vote Kevin Carroll — The People’s Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner!

We still need funding for election campaign publicity. You can give as little as £1 or as much as £100 – every contribution is greatly appreciated and helps us to build a top class campaign to get Kevin elected.

Leafleters Wanted – Help us to Get Kevin Carroll Elected!

More and more these days we see police acting like social workers instead of targeting the muggers, drug dealers and other criminals who blight people’s lives.

We see dangerous extremists given kid-glove treatment in order to ‘preserve community cohesion’ or ‘respect minority sensitivities’.

We see hardened criminals given endless help from the taxpayer whilst victims are left to cope alone.

We see police abandon the streets for the comfort of squad cars and offices, leaving many neighbourhoods under-protected.

And we see a two-tier justice system where criminals from certain minorities get away with serious crimes whilst law-abiding citizens are hounded just for pointing out the madness of it.

It’s time for this to end!

By getting our people into positions of power we can kick out political correctness and bring back effective policing.

Help us to get Kevin Carroll elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire!

We need volunteers to join us in handing out campaign leaflets in Luton town centre this Saturday 27 October – and later in Bedford, Dunstable, Flitwick and other parts of the county.

Join us – it’s important work and more fun than you might think!



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