Islam out.

Fellow patriot,

On Saturday, 6th of October, I led a demonstration outside of Downing Street and Parliament against the sickening crime wave of the Muslim sexual grooming of young white girls across the country.

After the static demonstration outside No 10, the gathered patriots formed together and marched down Whitehall to Parliament Square proclaiming the truth of “Muslim paedophiles off our streets!” and “Justice for the victims of Muslim grooming!”

Marching down Whitehall in such a large group, all united in our concern for our own people, especially our young women and our unashamed hostility to the encroachment of militant Islam in our country, made me very proud to be a British patriot that day.

I thought to myself: “The British movement is in resurgence!”

At this point, in Parliament Square, we were only a few hundred yards from a giant Islamic protest numbering in the hundreds, perhaps thousands…we stood fast and held our ground.

We are British and Englishmen and considered it our duty and birthright to confront the Islamic hordes on our own sacred ground!

Under the watchful gaze of Winston Churchill, a fierce critic of Islam during his lifetime, the assembled delegates continued the demonstration, which ended with the ceremonious burning of the Saudi Arabian flag of Islamic hate and expansionism!

No more, we cried with one voice!

Britain FirstAre we going to tolerate disrespectful and hateful Muslim extremists burning the Union flag, or to burn poppies on Remembrance Day, and to humiliate our country at every opportunity…NO MORE!

British patriots will now reply in kind!

Unknown to us, just several minutes after our departure from Parliament Square, the Islamic hordes invaded the sacred grounds of Westminster Abbey – the most holy and sacred of all British landmarks and the burial ground of our kings and queens – and converted the grounds into a makeshift mosque to pray to their false god and bloodthirsty deity, Allah!

This is typical arrogance from Islamic fanatics.

One of our supporters received this from Duncan Jeffery, Head of Communications for the Abbey:

“While Westminster Abbey welcomes all faiths we did not give permission for this particular act of worship within the Abbey precincts.”

I can assure you, that if the Met Police did not force us to leave the area, we would have opposed them with all our might…Westminster Abbey is one of the most sacred building in all of Britain and is no place for bearded mullahs and immans to pitch their tents!

This is why, after much consideration, the Britain First leadership team has united in consensus that we must take to the streets with greater frequency to defend the honour of our country, and for this to happen we need YOUR help…allow me to explain:

If Britain First is going to establish a serious capacity to organise further demonstrations, protests and other campaign actions, then we need to build an armoury of banners, placards, clothing and literature to be readily available at the drop of a hat to deploy at key opportunities when they present themselves.

Britain FirstI want our people to look dignified and professional when demonstrating on the streets, visually splendid, and highly disciplined and organised.

We need dozens of placards printed and the boards built, we need marshal’s jackets and security communications equipment, we need a range of banners on different issues and hundreds of English, Welsh, Scottish and British flags….all this will cost approximately £3,000.

Saturday’s demonstration was entirely funded by a few generous individuals who were contacted at short notice and whom willingly volunteered their finances to make it all possible.

But I cannot depend – or rely – on a small group of leadership officials all the time…if we are serious about ‘taking to the streets’ and confronting those who hate our country, we need to secure for ourselves the necessary materials and equipment and have them ready at short notice!

This is why I am appealing today for your help to raise the £3,000 necessary to build and organise our street protest capacity (the next stage in our development) and to empower our brave volunteers who are prepared to turn out anywhere in the country at any time.

This is one of those times when we need all of our supporters to close ranks and help OUR movement to take the next step along the road to national salvation!

Britain FirstThe target we need to reach is not astronomical, and even if you gave a £10 donation it would help immensely!

I understand there is a recession raging at the moment, but the campaign to ensure our children’s future and our nation’s survival continues regardless!

Please help Britain First build and expand our capabilities…after all, this movement is what we make it!

Don’t turn away and ‘close’ this email, pledge your support today and be part of the new British patriotic phenomenon!

Click below and help us reach our target of £3,000:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

PS: Saturday we have sent a powerful message to the Muslim community in the heart of our capital city – and just a few hundred yards from thousands of Muslim extremists. We have shown that British patriots are now entering a new more vibrant phase and our Cause is very much in resurgence. Be part of the fight back, today!

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