Call for Patriots

Dear Patriot,

Please watch the video below, the views and policy of the British National Party: 

Now more than ever we must step forward and take the lead in this struggle to champion the cause of British patriotism, to preserve, celebrate, to protect our children and teach them of the Great British achievements of the past and drive forward our vision of the restoration of a future where Britain is Great once more.

Join us today! Click on the link below or ring 0844 809 4581       


We are a proud warrior race, a people with grit and determination, YOU are needed, your country needs you, and the only active, British Resistance force today is the British National Party. Make the decision now, click on the link below and JOIN / RENEW – TODAY!   


If you, like me, care about our identity and want to see it live and grow in the future, take that step, JOIN – REJOIN the British National Party today. Tomorrow might well be too late!

P.S. If you want more information about the real alternative, the BNP, subscribe today to our newspaper Voice of Freedom here. 



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