Social Housing in the UK.

I know several young girls who have got pregnant in my area to get a free social housing flat. The councils always give them a flat even though most of them have never worked or paid taxes. Most of these young women really want a house so they keep getting pregnant and producing kids until the council gives them a free house.

I also know several men who have played the homeless card often going to live in a homeless hostel so they jump the council waiting lists. Their possesions are often kept at relatives homes while they trick the system.

Once these people get free social housing they never work because they get their full rents and council taxes paid.

I think the social housing points systtem needs changing so that working people and married people get top priority it is too easy to cheat the present system. Those people who are unemployed and are given free flats should only get 90 percent of their rents paid by Housing benefit they should be made to pay some rent money out of their JSA. This would make life harder on the dole and act as an incentive to get a job.

I am currently unemployed and only get £80 a month towards my mortgage interest, yet those in free council flats are getting over £200 a month rents paid by housing benefit. At the other extreme we have Somali families homed in luxury homes in Londonistan getting rents of over £100,000 a year paid plus loads in benefits for their children. In Afriaca families all share just one room and don’t live in luxury homes. It is no wonder our country has seen an influx of foreign invaders playing the asylum card. Most of these asylum seekers have passed through safe lands and therefore are not eligible to claim asylum here.

If we are going to give asylum seekers free social housing it should be in areas of the country that have cheaper rents like Liverpool we should not be homing them in inner Londonistan.

How is social housing paid for? The Governement give taxpayers money to the councils. The councils then move this money from one department to another eg housing benefit to pay the rents of the freeloaders. By homing none working people the councils are not getting any money from rent to build more social housing.


8 thoughts on “Social Housing in the UK.

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that whilst I understand your anger at what you perceive as the injustices of the “Social Housing” system, BUT Could I just state that
    1) not all socially housed people are on benefits (of any kind)
    2) not all socially housed people are illiterate or degenerate.
    3) Many socially housed people make the decision to be so, so this country has a rolling housing stock for people that need it.
    4) NO Socially housed person pays No rent – Even those on hefty benefits have to contribute. Many of us pay full rents & in some cases these rents are over & above what the property would cost if a mortgage was attached & paid instead.

    I’m afraid that the scare mongering of articles like the above actually do a lot of damage to those of us who are asking for an urgent overhaul of the benefits &housing systems.

    Hopefully you will understand my concerns as discrimination of any sort is an awful thing & just lately I am seeing a rise in discrimination against people who are socially housed – regardless of their circumstances /history.

    • I can only comment on what I know. I know 5 people in social housing Flats and none of them are interested in finding work because they get their full rents paid plus council tax, plus free dentist, free prescriptions etc

      • You do not get full rent paid – despite what people say.
        Social housing is aimed at being “affordable” NOT free. They will have to pay some (admittedly sometimes it doesn’t seem fair) -However many Socially housed people DO NOT get any help towards the rent & the rents can easily be in line with private rents if its an affluent area.
        Also, The fact that people are claiming benefits/on the dole is NOT due to their housing status.
        There are many many private owners who claim benefits (including getting their mortgage paid).
        With regards to Free dental etc.
        This has nothing to do with your Housing status & again – Scare mongering like this is causing discrimination against Socially Housed individuals – Which let me say, can be & are Doctors, lawyers, Police, publicans, teachers etc – hardly the picture you & others who say this are portraying…
        I think your anger at Social housing tenants is missplaced & maybe you should investigate the amount of “tax” which ends up in the banks pockets due to us workers subsidising/funding mortgage payments for those out of work, who will not consider downsizing / moving to relieve their financial burdens, but rather we the tax payer -pay towards their home (which lets be fair, will be theirs in the end, whereas housing benefit to social housing tenants is going towards a rolling stock of affordable homes).
        Sorry – I am just a little aggrieved at the tide of discrimination that seems to be foisted our way – purely due to uneducated guesses at how the social housing actually system works.

      • people with mortgages who are unemployed only get thir mortgage interest paid in my case this is £80 a month yet those in social housing do get their full rents covered by housing benefit or if they are in accomodation with a private landlord. Thus the landlord gets his mortgage paid and a profit if he homes the unemployed.
        It is unfair that people like me have to struggle to find the rest of my mortgage out of my JSA or face losing my home whilst freeloaders can live on the dole year after year getting full rents paid.


      • Sadly I feel your issue is with the benefits system, yet you are tarring everyone who is a SH tenant with being on benefits!
        Just by what you say – you have made a brilliant argument for the capping of benefits payable & also the capping of rental costs.
        This in one fail swoop would eradicate the problems you are complaining about.
        HOWEVER – Categorically – Benefits do NOT pay the full rent! EVER…
        Also – As you said “free loaders” live on benefits year after year…. These include Private owners who have their mortgages paid for years & years…..
        As for it being unfair on the unemployed – it is more unfair on those of us that have 2-3 jobs and pay tax at full rate – We Get NO BENEFITS, No free healthcare, No free dental -yet we pay for benefits & Housing benefit for others…YET people like me in Social Housing, according to you (& many others) are the scum that is causing problems for the country… All without knowing the facts!

      • I know several unemployed in SH who do get full rents paid. Those with mortgages only get Mortgage interest paid unless they have taken out private insurance against job loss. Those in SH get their gardens of their flats done for free where those in private pay service charges. I know some people with drug / alcohol problems who get incapacity beenfit that pays more than JSA.

      • Consider my case I get only £80 pounds towards my mortgage interest. In Jan 2013 I will have to pay my mortgage in full – if I don’t I will lose my flat. yet a friend of mine has never worked and has got a council flat – he gets over £200 a month rent paid.

        I think council homes should be half rent and half mortgage – this would make people in council houses look for work to pay their mortgages just as I do.

        Mrs Thatcher certainly had the right idea on letting people buy council homes it was just a pity the money collected was not used to build more social housing. The points system needs changing so that working and married people are put first.

        Anybody with a drug or drink problem should not be given social housing but can find accomodation in bedsits just like I HAD TO DO WHEN i was a student. Most council homes are too cheap – if people had to get a mortgage for the same size house in their area then the mortgage would be alot more than council rents. Why should people who can afford luxury cars get council housing? I have researched the percentage of people not working in council housing in Northampton and London using FOI requests and the percentage is more than 50 percent.


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