England is over populated by 35 percent

England is over populated by 35 percent. This might seem unimportant to most people but to feed the ever expanding population farms have had to get bigger removing hedgerows – this has made many animals and birds on the endangered list. More chemicals and fertilizers have to be used on the farms, (to produce greater yields), which run off to the rivers and pollute our waterways.

what jobs are all the new Foreign Invaders goiung to do in England? We no longer build our own cars or ships and even import Steel from China. We borrow money and then hand it out as Foreign Aid – madness or what?

Our economy can’t support this level of population growth when we have no jobs and most people will be on benefits – how do we pay for the migrants when they get old?

Our country should be more like Germany they make their Police etc use only German cars.

We need a freeze now on immigration and pull out of the EU to reclaim our land.

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