The loss of disposable income

For many people who work and have a mortgage in the UK, the high cost of house prices means that they have no real disposable income. They can’t afford to go out to a pub or a restaurant to treat the family. So they buy cheap beer from a supermarket and get a take-away instead. The effects can be seen all around the UK with pubs closing every week. Some of these pubs are taken over by Muslims who convert them into Mosques and thus English culture is slowly being destroyed.

Companies are making more people unemployed and making their employee’s do the work of 2 people – this is causing stress and mental health problems for the workers. The unemployed then have less money to spend so they to visit pound shops etc. The result is a slow death to other shops in the high street. People can no longer afford holidays so people in the holiday industry also become unemployed.

The Government needs to act it would make more sense for them to help companies retain staff than having to pay the unemployed person’s wages.

The only real winners are those who have been given free council flats and get their full rents paid by the system. These people have their full JSA to spend and are often more cash rich than those who work. Those who have a mortgage suffer when made unemployed because the system only pays their mortgage interest, so every week they remain unemployed they are falling behind on the mortgage.


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