Make Britain Great again.

In the UK we have a welfare system that favours single parenting. No wonder we have the biggest amount of single mums compared to any other European countries. Some of these single mothers have partners living with them but the local councils never check on who is living in social housing. Some council houses are even being sub-let.

Our Prison system is too soft. We should not give Prisoners TV’s, porn mags, Gyms and Pool tables. Prison should be a harsh punishmen with porridge for breakfast. Any murderer or Rapist who does not learn from his time in prison and goes on to commit another murder or rape should be hanged. Hanging is 100 percent sucessful as they can’t commit more crimes.

The immigration system is a shambles as a result of us being in the EU who want to destroy nations and cultures by unlimited immgration. We should pull out of international rights to grant asylum as we are full up. Most asylum seekers are just economic migrants who come here because the UK gives Asylum seekers so much in welfare.

Our Social Housing system is a joke with none workers like single mums jumping the housing lists. We should not pay unemployed people in social housing their full rents as this results in dependancy on welfare. We should make them pay some of thier rents out of JSA.


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