Mr Average

By Imnokuffar-I vote for the established parties because I have always done so, and my parents did the same.
Nothing ever changes really. Though I have seen that most of the shops in the town centre have closed down. What a shame.

But the local Hypermarket is much cheaper.
I watch the BBC and they give me all I need to know by way of news and you always know what you are getting with Auntie.

I don’t have any real political opinions and think they are all the same.

I read the Sun or the Guardian or the Times and they all give me the impression that everything is, if not correct, then as good as it can be and that things are trolling along as usual.

Anyway, I don’t really have the time or inclination to really question anything about our society because I am trying to make a living.

I try to avoid anything that is controversial, and don’t like those who raise questions that make me feel uncomfortable.

Usually I just walk away or tell them they are fascists or racists, or both, much to the acclaim of anyone else listening; there seems to be a lot of acclamation in making such statements or points of view so I use this method a lot.

After all it is what everyone else thinks – I think?
Though sometimes I get some funny looks from the older folk who seem to remember albeit dimly, different times and perspectives.

It does not matter what they think, because we are the wave of the future and are multicultural and enlightened.

I think that questions about immigration are made up by racists and xenophobes and that it is only a minority that cause problems. My next door neighbour is a black/Asian or whatever and they never cause me any problems. However his house is bursting to the seams with children and he never seems to work.

I cannot understand this as I am doing fifty hour weeks to pay the bills and they always seem to get a new car – saw him carting in a very large Plasma TV the other day.

They do not like my little Jack Russell though and has asked me to keep him indoors and away from his children. He said something like “it is Haram”.

Not understanding what this meant and because he could not speak correct English I looked up on the Internet. Apparently just about everything I like is “Haram”. Including Alcohol, Dogs, Pork, the way my wife dresses and the list goes on.

But we must all learn to respect other people’s wishes and get along.

I am a bit concerned about terrorism but will go with the luck of the draw.

After all, life is full of risks. There is no need to worry England will always remain England but with different people in it. So what is the problem?

I like watching the TV and adore Coronation St, Eastenders, The X Factor and Football.

I go to the Pub from time to time and get blathered with my friends who all think like me. Mind you, the other day Fred said he was going to vote British National Party because his daughter had been beaten up at school by immigrants and his entire street is full of them.

He says he is fed up with the constant noise and rubbish and with not knowing anyone anymore, as all his white neighbours had moved out. He said he was looking to move out as well. Funny thing is he has lived there for 25 years.

We just laughed and told him to get over it; he always was a bit of joker.

I saw him the other day and was shocked to see he was with BNP members on a stall in the town centre. So I won’t be mixing with him anymore.

Recently I received a leaflet from the BNP. I was quite shocked that such a publication could be pushed through my letterbox.

I read a bit of it out of curiosity and was appalled to find our about all these rapes, immigration issues, terrorism and such.

However “all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds”.

Someone said.
It looks like our factory is going to the wall. Apparently they are shifting production to China or somewhere.

Don’t know how I am going to pay the bills because there are no jobs to be had and the economy is in a complete mess. They told us by Email of these “efficiency savings” and offered some of us short term jobs in China to explain the systems we use to the Chinese through an interpreter.

I did not take them up on this because it’s outrageously cheeky to take our jobs away and then get us to train other people up to do them.

The missus is a bit upset and the kids are fed up as we have had to cut back on everything and Christmas is just around the corner.

The Council says they are going to switch off all the streetlights to save money but I heard there have been increasing rapes, burglaries and other crime – cannot see this getting any better once the lights go out.

But on the bright side they are going to fund a “Celebration of Diversity” that costs £50,000. It seems a bit odd that they can afford this but not street lighting.

Don’t know if I can make it to this event though and none of my friends seem interested.

They want to build a Mosque at the end of our street and a nice Islamic man came round to explain why I cannot park my car on a Friday once it is built.

I put a complaint in to our local councillor Mr Jihad, and he explained that a new Mosque was needed due to the fact that the local Muslim population had tripled in the last 10 years and anyway it had already been granted planning permission by the Labour council.

First I have heard of it.
Well, it is a Multicultural society and we must all learn to get along.

Got to go, Corrie is coming on.


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