If I emigrated to Saudi Arabia would thet let me build a Christian church or visit Mecca? Would they let me run a pub or drink alcohol in the street? So why does the UK embrace multi-culturism – we let Muslims buy closed down pubs and convert them into mosques destroying the social meeting places of whole communities. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive and are put to death for adultery yet men are spared this punishment. We need the world to embrace universal human rights. If people want the UK to be ruled under Sharia law wht don’t they emigrate to Saudi Arabia? Why must we let these bigots live on welfare and cost us a fortune in trying to get rid of the hate preachers. Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada are just two extreme Muslims who have cost UK taxpayers a fortune. Abu Qatada was an illegal immigrant entering the UK on a false passport yet our powers to be won’t send him to face trial for terrorism.


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