The fall of empires.

Empires tend to collaspe because they invent sysyems that act detrimental to the empire this is one of the reasons Rome fell.

In Britain we have the following systems destroying our country.

Granting Asylum to every economic migrant who has passed through safe lands.

A welfare system that encourages the feckless and freeloaders especially single mothers and large families.

A housing system that can be bypassed by saying you are homeless you get a free council home.

A data protection act that stops the DHSS investigating fraud and job applications by the unemployed.

Tax loopholes including off shore banking.

A country ruined by being a member of the EU who has never had an account passed. We have lost our fishing industry etc

The EU costs us millions of pounds per day and we have had to bail out Ireland and Greece who should have never been allowed to join the Euro.

Teachers who can’t remove bad pupils from class rooms.

A welfare system that rewards single mothers with free flats and large freeloading families with free large council homes.

A system where everybody who works with a mortgage is taxed to pay for civil servants pensions and taxed to pay the rents and council taxes of dole freeloaders.

A country that pays foreign aid to our enemy’s and countrys that don’t need our money. We should put the English first and stop all foreign aid and fighting wars on foreign soil.

International law says that refugees must seek asylum in the first safe country they enter. Yet we allow illegal immigrants to enter the UK and when they are caught they claim asylum. The Home Office wants to deport the illegal immigrants but the immigrants often get a friendly judge who argues they should have the right to remain because of their human rights. We need to sack these judges who are destroying the UK.


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