Greek tax evasion.

Greece is losing 13 billion euros annually to tax evasion and corruption. One of the prime culprits of tax embezzlement are tax collectors.

According to a report by the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), the Greek state is losing 13 billion euros annually in tax evasion and corruption. In spite of increased taxes that have been imposed through Value Added Tax, property tax, taxes on petrol and central heating oil, and other taxes which are collected directly through spending, tax evasion through business remains rife. The situation is exacerbated by corrupt tax officials who embezzle a percentage of fines imposed on those who fail to pay their taxes. Nikos Lekkas, head of investigations at Greece’s anti-fraud squad, claims only 20 percent of fines are collected, 40 percent written off, and 40 percent embezzled by tax officials. (Naharnet) Considering the amount of time the tax office spends on strike, rather than on tax collection, it is not surprising that tax evasion is rampant.

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