The U.K needs to become more like Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia they won’t let you build a Christian church and Western women have to cover up. If they won’t embrace multi-culturism then why should we? We should not allow any more Mosques to be built. Halal food should be banned because it is cruel.

One thing Saudi Arabia gets right is their attitude to criminals. Theft is none existant in Saudi and drug dealers face the death penalty. The U.K needs to toughen up with serial killers, serial rapists and drug dealers all put to death to stop future victims of their crimes. We need to remove the cancer that is destroying our society.

Another thing that harms the U.K is the welfare system that gives people free homes, pay their full rents and never expects them to work. The DHSS can’t even investigate if people have applied for jobs because of the data protection act.


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