I have two attributes: Willingness to speak up and courage to do so in public. A multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multi-lingual mixed society such as India‘s, and in the West, is not one nation, one langauge or a homogenous peace loving one family. Our society comprises elements that are at loggerheads, instinctively affraid and secretly suspicious of others. This aspect has not been considered by the free Western world.

Our socirty contains those that will hide and shelter terrorist cells and possess the tendency to become predators (Muslims) , and those who wish to be left alone and who are endowed with love and trust to become its victims ( Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists.).

Muslims have a hidden agenda to gain polical power under the banner or hammer of Islam.

America was attacked on Sept 11 WTC. India in 1947. Armenians were slaughtered en masse a hundred years ago and Sikhs got another bloody nose in 1984.

Muslims are like a heavy rock on a trailer behind a car. It reduces its speed, causes wear and tear and is expensive on fuel. Public expenditure on education in the East End of London to raise educational level of Muslims far exceeds the expenditure elsewhere. They are still the poorest of the lot.

Muslims want an Islamic parliament for the UK instead of mixing with British people they segregate themselves. They keep their women backwards and indoors, they marry them young and burden them with children all these keep the social status low.

The Muslims plundered India yet they are still the poorest yet their Hindu subjects are amongst the richest. What polarises Muslims into the cesspit of poverty, illeteracy, separitism, discontent, revolt and jihad?

None Muslims are entitled to know the rate of increase of Muslims population in their midst for their own safety and survival.

None Arab Muslims waste thousand of hour learning Arabic to understand the Koran and Prey. They would be better learning business and science.

Being the POOREST Muslims in any society are a hugh burden on its resources. Add the cost of housing these illegal immigrants who come from Muslim countries that treat Christians like dogs.The Anglo-Saxon country’s are being invaded by armies of these Mohammed and this has hugh implications for the future.

Muslims try to buy out pubs in the UK and turn them into Mosques. If they want to live in a country under Sharia with no alcohol then why don’t they emigrate to Saudi Arabia?


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