My site map

My website is an Entertainment portal website. It contains good Music and DVD links. The site has links to MP3Z. The Games link contains links to sites that people who play computer games will find of interest. The site uses a top Frame menu and some TABS like the HELP and MYSTUFF tabs have more links under them. The site also includes some of my photo’s taken in the UK or abroad whilst on holidays. The site has information on competitions these are on my UK LINKS page because most are UK based. The SEARCH page includes an internal search to search my site and plenty of search engines to search the WWW.

My DOWNLOADS page contains links to many good free software programs. The Downloadfs page also has good anti-virus and anti-malware tools to help keep your computer protected. I often check my links to make sute that all links on my site are live.




Extra Stuff

The site also contains some of my Political pages – these pages use an accordian structure so that you can read items that interest you and ignore the others.


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