Free housing for life

One of the biggest social problems in the UK is the fact that none working people are given free council housing and get their full rents paid by housing benefit. The welfare system was supposed to be a safety net not a way of life for free loaders. These freeloaders can get a bigger house than they ever could get by working just by having a large family. People who work and have a mortgage are taxed – some of this tax money is given by the Government to the councils to pay the freeloaders rents. So in effect those with mortgages are paying for their properties and being taxed so others can live for free. Those who pay council tax are also paying for the pensions of public sector workers, which are much more than private pensions. Also council tax pays for those who run the Unions. Some teachers only do six days work a year because the rest of their time is spent doing Union work.

Ironically those who work and pay taxes and have a mortgage get penalised when they lose their jobs as they only get their mortgage interest paid and are expected to pay the rest of the balance through JSA. So why should those in council housing who don’t work get their full rents paid?


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