Islamic preachers of hate

Our politicians have turned Britain into an international safe haven for Islamic extremists who openly plot our destruction.

Islamic fanatics – demented throw backs from the Dark Ages – people like Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada, leech off our benefits system and are given free houses.

They then repay our hospitality by preaching hatred against everything we hold dear!

The ‘soft touch’ way we treat the preachers of hate is an embarrassment.

Other countries around the world laugh at our pathetic weakness.

Even fellow EU countries (like France) have managed (quite easily) to expel certain Islamic extremists from their shores…but not Britain, our politicians only seem interested in bending over backwards for these hostile foreigners!

We are calling on all of our supporters to spend just 60 seconds to email their local MP using our specially-created campaigns page.

It is time we held our politicians to account…they are ALL to blame!

Almost everyone who has used our facility before obtains a reply within a few days, and then you can let rip and tell your MP exactly what you think of them and the mess that they have helped to create!

Enough is enough! Kick the hate peddlers out of Britain NOW, and stop letting more in!

Please click on the link below:


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