Abu Qatada

Abu Qatada entered the UK on a false passport therefore he is an illegal immigrant and should not be in the UK. Qatada and his family have cost the UK thousands in welfare – he has never had a job yet lives in an expensive home in Londonistan. Qatada is wanted in Jordan for terrorism but because the Jordan Government have used torture in the past to obtain evidence, Qatada argued through the ECHR that he should not be deported to Jordon to face terrorist charges. He has cost the UK millions in appeals. This is how these radical Muslims will destroy the UK just costing us to keep them on welfare and pay for their appeals. Qatada has no right to welfare as an illegal migrant. His family should have been sent with him to Jordan straight away.

Even though Qatada was an illegal immigranand his wife have been able to claim welfare, housing benefit and child benefit. He was stopped once by Police and had over £20,000 on him. This should be a bar to benefits. Yet he has been able to buy his council house. He should get no benefits as he is an illegal and so is his family. They all should be deported to Jordan and all the family assets seized. Why should the British taxpayer pay for Qatada’s appeals to the ECHR when the Qatada’s have money?


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