Taxpayers paying for immigrants children to learn their native language in the UK.

TAXPAYERS are bankrolling private language   lessons for children of migrant families to learn their parents’ native   tongue, even though many can barely speak English. Some of Britain’s poorest councils have spent   millions of pounds providing after-school tuition in languages such as   Bengali, Urdu and Arabic at mosques and community centres.
Despite problems with English   literacy in their areas, they claim the policy,celebrates diversity,  promotes ;community cohesision; and helps children prepare for early GCSEs   in the language they speak at home.
In Tower Hamlets, east London, where   the level of English is so poor among some pupils entering primary   school that translators are needed, the council spends £185,000 a year   providing free Bengali lessons after school hours.
It has distributed £1.3million to about 40 community groups since 2006. Beneficiaries include several   Islamic organisations, such as Dawatul Islam UK and the Madrasah-e-Darul   Qirat Majidiah, which also runs a fee-paying Muslim school.


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