The Islamification of the UK.

Already in the UK, English people are being forced to eat Halal food in schools, hospitals and prisons. We have allowed Sharia courts to set up in some cities. Sharia law only gives a women half a vote so in a rape case between husband and wife the women can never win. Islam doesn’t recognise rape in marraige. We have seen Muslim men grroming underage non-Muslim girls they never groom Muslim girls. This is because they regard Infidels as trash. If Muslims want Sharia they should emigrate to Saudi Arabia there they would be closer to Mecca. The average Muslim women has 8 children but a typical English family only 1.6 on average – so it is obvious with current demographic trends that Islam will dominate the UK. Our child benefits and generous housing benefit that lets Somali’s live in 1 million pound homes in Londonistan and pays their full rents only fuels the Muslim population growth. We have seen a rise in female circumcision of Muslim girls, a rise in honour killings, Muslim women getting their virginity repaired on the NHS and arranged marraiges of people below the age of consent. Bigamy is also illegal in the UK but the police and Government turn a blind eye when the man is a Muslim.


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