The great water shortage lies by the water companies.

Many of England‘s finest chalk rivers which are home to Trout and other fish aree dangerously low. This is due to water companies being allowed to extract water from bore holes thus causing the river levels to go down. Why must so much water be extracted? We simply live on an Island with too many people – we have allowed millions of immigrants to settle here in the last decade. The situation will only get worse – more people will use more water. New housing means the countryside will be concreted over so the water will just run off into the drains and not into the rivers. If we still had green spaces then the rain water would run into the rivers and keep the stock of water up. We see fish being electrically stunned and moved to deeper water.

My local reservoir was only built to supply the population of Northampton yet our town has trebled in size. It is no wonder the reservoir is not full up. So don’t let the water companies fool you into not using your hose pipe to water the garden.  The problem is of the Governments making by letting our population grow too much.


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