Black Gang Culture

Why do so many young Black men end up in gangs? The problem starts with their fathers who often get the women pregnant and then desert them once they have had kids and thus seek another stupid women who will have their kids again. These children end up without a male role model and often end up feral, missing school and dealing in drugs to earn pocket money. As these children get older they get involved in robberies and muggings and often attacts on other gangs selling drugs. They end up skilled in knife culture and using guns. Not enough is done to ask why kids are not at school or prosecute their mothers for allowing them not to get an education. Rap culture from the USA is what these young black men listen to. Rap worships gun culture and treats women just as mere sex objects. Thus the cycle repeats. Until the UK has the death penalty for serial killers then these Gangstas will continue to laugh at us.

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