Stopping Freeloading

My local job centre never bothers to check if people who are unemployed have applied for any jobs. This should be easy a telephone call or email to the company the jobseeker says he has applied for should be done as a check. I know too many people who don’t want to work because they get their rents paid. Many of those I know have been given free council flats. I believe that all unemployed should be made to do community service eg litter picking etc this would stop them sitting at home smoking dope all day and playing computer games. The council points list should be changed to put working people to the top of waiting lists. Too many people just get a free flat by saying they are homeless. Those with large families are given large council homes which is much bigger than the equivalent home they could get if they got a mortgage and worked for a living. Welfare needs to be taxable and limited to a maximum of £18K a year this is equivalent to working and earning £25K a year. Working people should be allowed to earn 10K before tax. Child benefits should be paid for just two children and Housing benefit should be limited. If this means freeloaders like Somali asylum seekers have to move out of central London then so be it. Some Somali’s have been getting rents of over £100K a year paid.


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