Unmeployment demographics

By Stephen Palmer – ‘Immigrants bring benefits,’ ‘They do the jobs we don’t want to do,’ you’ve heard all the lefty howlings about immigration helping our economy ad nauseam, but like everything else spouted by liberals, they’re just more blatant lies.

Here are the facts, as provided by the ONS: the unemployment rates for ethnic groups in the UK in the 16–24 age category in the fourth quarter of 2011: White (20.8%), Mixed (22.4%), Asian (26.7%), Black (47.4%).

The gender-specific results are even more startling. The unemployment rate of black men aged 16–24 is 55.9%, much more than double the white equivalent of 23.9%.

That figure has risen sharply from 2008, when the rate of young black male unemployment was at 28.8%.

Now, only 24.2% of young black males are employed. Over both genders the rates are Blacks (28%), Asians (37%), Mixed Race (45.6%), and Whites (53.3%).

The remaining percentages are either students or classed as ‘not available for work’.


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