You can’t make this up

76 year old victim is arrested

One lady told of how her 76 year old mother and her 52 year old brother were attacked by 30 Muslim youths, in an attempt to force them to move out of the area where they’d always lived. They called the police for help, and a few minutes later, the police arrived. The Muslims ran away and the elderly lady spoke to the police, and told them that their assailants had just run down the street. The police had seen the 30 Muslims running away, and instead of pursuing this gang of vicious thugs, THE POLICE ARRESTED THE 76 YEAR OLD LADY AND HER SON!

A crime writer could NOT make this up!

They protested their innocence and pointed out that THEY were the VICTIMS, but the police arrested and charged them with public disorder. This happened two years ago, and they’ve been suing for wrongful arrest ever since. They have only just managed to get justice after all this time. The question was asked; “Whose side are the police on – the British people or the immigrants?”(You can see the interview with the lady on the BNPTV Hyde Demo footage)

Police tell Birmingham shopkeeper told NOT to go to the press

A man from Birmingham told me about a gang of Somali Muslims who attacked two shopkeepers in Sparkhill. The gang had beaten up these two men and made off with money from the till. The police came and took details, and then warned the shopkeepers NOT to report it to the press. They said; “if you report this to the press, we will arrest YOU, because there is a ‘D Notice’ on it, and the press won’t be allowed to print it.”

Do Asians rule Telford?

A man from Telford, in Shropshire, told of young white men being beaten up, regularly, by Muslims, in Wellington. He said the perpetrators owned a hotel near the Railway Station, where all manner of dodgy dealing goes on. Also, he said, rumour has it that the police have dropped the charges against the Muslim paedophile grooming gang.

These shocking comments from various parts of England show that this problem has reached epidemic proportions. And in ALL cases, the police are not the slightest bit interested in protecting the indigenous people.

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