The benefits cap.

Labour joined forces with Church of England bishops and Lib Dem rebels last night to try to wreck flagship plans for an annual limit on welfare handouts.

Ministers reacted with fury as Church leaders suggested that capping benefits at a maximum of £26,000 a year was somehow un-Christian.

The bishops helped inflict a dramatic defeat in the House of Lords, with one even invoking the Bible as he argued against the Government’s plans.

To get the equivalent of £26,000 you would need to earn £35,000 a year thus the benfit cap is actually too high and does nothing to encourage work.

The welfare system in the UK rewards the feckless the more children they have the bigger free social house they get. We are already over populated in the UK but our welfare system rewards you for having a large family. I believe that social housing should be given to working people first, child benefits should be limited to just 2 children, the welfare cap should only be £18,000.

Too many immigrants from Africa have arrived in the UK and even though they are illegal they have managed to get National Insurance numbers. Some have been getting rents of over £100,000 a year paid by welfare. Back in Africa dis they live in a big mansion? They don’t they all sleep in one room plus they don’t get welfare in Africa. Our welfare system is what is encouraging economic migrants to the UK.

people like myself who have worked only get £80 a month towards my mortgage interest when I am unemployed yet an African in my block of flats gets his full rent paid which pays off the landlords mortgage in full.

Too many people I know in council housing never work and don’t intend to because they get their rents paid by the system. Those of us with mortgages and no kids are being taxed to pay for the freeloaders kids and the freloaders to live rent free.






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