What is wrong with theUK.

We let alcoholics and drug users claim incapacity benefit, so they have more money to spend on drugs and alcohol. They should have to go to re-hab to get welfare.

We allow Squatters to break down peoples doors or smash windows and then claim squatters rights and see this only as a Civil matter.

We give loads of benefits to immigrants with large families including Working tax credits, child benefits, housing benefits. The welfare system encourages economic migration because immigrants get more on welfare here than they could earn back in Africa.

We can’t deport terrorists because of the ECHR act.

We allow freloaders to sit on the dole playing computer games all day. The DHSS never checks that people have applied for jobs they say they have done.

The system pays people full rents which pays off the rich landlords mortgage yet people with mortgages who become unemployed get very little compared to those in rented accomodation. Yet those with mortgages have worked and paid taxes which help build social housing.

Laws have been passed so that social housing must be built in rich private developments.

I personally believe child benefits should be limited to 2 children and social housing or housing benefit paid on houses of only 3 bedrooms maximum. People should not get their full rents paid by Housing benefit but should only get 90 percent – this will make them use some of their money from JSA to pay the other ten percent making work more attractive.


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