Illegal immigration to the UK.

Many Muslims are fleeing from Arab countries to get away from the bad life there.  These young Muslim men have realised if they marry an Eastern European women and have kids then there is little chance of them being removed from the UK. They would say their Human rights to family life are not being allowed as the EU says. The fact is they entered the UK illegally from countries like Pakistan, Somalia, Libya and Iran. We should return them to the countries of origin and make it law that their wives should follow. They keep on trying to turn the Uk into the type of country they fled from saying Sharia law must be the main law. in Islam there is no separation between state and religion thus Uk soldiers fighting terrorists in Afghanistan are seen as enemies by most Muslims living in the UK because they are fighting other Muslims.

The penalty for leaving Islam is death, we have seen an increase in honour killings, forced marriage, child MARRIAGE and female circumcision in the UK. The children of these Eastern Europeans and Muslims males may return to Poland etc and then demand Mosques to be built.

Saudi Arabia will not allow Christian churches to be built or Bibles to be let in the country. Why should we allow a book that says kill the infidels every other page?


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