Housing Benefit still too high

At the kitchen table, two pretty girls giggle as they draw pictures with crayons. On the wall are posters listing their times-tables, while in the corner, the family’s tropical fish, Bubbles and Tiger, swim in a heated aquarium.

But this happy domestic scene is threatened with upheaval because, in nine days’ time, the Rostant family – two parents, eight children and their pet fish – may be homeless. Until now, the family have been one of four families claiming the highest amount of housing benefit in the country. Their £2,000-a-week rent (more than £103,200 a year, given to the landlord has been paid by taxpayers. But the money is to be stopped as the result of the Government’s crackdown, which began this week, on the long-running scandal of housing benefit abuse (which costs the working public a staggering £20billion a year).

The Government have now acted and capped Housing Benefit at £400 a week but this is still to high. Most people who work don’t earn this amount a week. In Africa families all sleep toghether in just one room – why should we allow these people to move into large properties and get their rents paid by welfare? The unemployed can’t afford to live in the centre of Paris and we should not allow the workshy to live in prime London locations. They don’t work so it does not matter where they live. If they were relocated to Liverpool then perhaps they could get a job that would pay their rents. I believe child benefit should be limited to just two children and social housing to a maximum of 3 bedrooms. Housing benefit should be £300 a week maximum. The only way the UK can compete with China is for wages to come down and a system that pays to much on welfare will never act as a stick to make people work. For far too long immigrants have heard about our soft touch welfare system and have flocked to London to live in free large mansions provided by the state. Only by reducing Housing benefit can we stop economic migration. We need an immigration system like Australia that only allows people into the country who will work and contribute to the UK.


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